Names from Penkridge Trade Directories, 1793 - 1892

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Elizabeth Adams 1818 gentlewoman, Clay St.

Eliza Adams 1872 straw bonnet maker

Richard Adams 1818 coal and lime merchant, Market St.

William Adams 1851 coal dealer, Crown Bridge

Orlando Adcock 1818 victualler, White Hart

Ann Adcock 1834 White Hart

Thomas Adcock 1851 joiner, Cannock Rd.

Joseph Adcock 1892 private resident

Isaac Akers 1793 taylor

Thomas Akers 1818 carrier, Husbandman St.

William Akers 1818 tailor, Market St.

Miss Allen 1891 schoolmistress

George Allen 1892 farmer, Yew Tree Farm

Thomas Allen 1892 insurance agent, Clay St.

John Alston 1851 tinner, brazier, Market St.

Henry Anderson 1851 maltster, Horse and Jockey

William Anslow 1818 tin plate worker, brazier, victualler, Blacksmith's Arms

William Aston 1818 maltster, Pinfold Lane


Robert Bagnall 1834 clock maker, Market St.

William Bagnall 1872 solicitor, Whiston Lodge

Richard Bailey 1834 draper, plumber, painter, Market St.

Edward Baker 1841 tailor, High St.

Emma Baker 1851 milliner, dressmaker, Clay St.

Mrs. Baker 1872 private resident

Mary Baldeley 1841 provision dealer

Richard Bannister 1818 grocer, flour dealer, Crown Bridge

Richard Bannister 1834 maltster, Mill St.

Sarah Barber 1851

Frederick Barber 1892 collector of poor rate, school attendance officer

George Barnacle 1884 stonemason, Quarry Heath

Joseph Barnfield 1793 butcher

Edward Bartlam 1818 gentleman, Mill St.

Caroline Bastone 1892 shopkeeper, poulterer

Francis Bate 1834 fellmonger, New Rd.

Mary Bate 1851 fellmonger, New Rd.

Samuel Batte 1884 White Hart

Miss Beaumont 1884 schoolmistress

George Bennett 1818 solicitor

John Bennett 1851 solicitor, Clay St.

Edward Biddle 1818 shoemaker, Stone Cross

Thomas Blakeman 1851 wheelwright, Swan Lane

Mrs. J.W. Blakemore 1851 boarding school, Crown Bridge

Jonathon Blakemore 1851 saddler, Crown Bridge

George Blaylock 1872 inland revenue officer

Frederick Boldero 1872 surgeon, medical officer, public vaccinator, Ivy House

Richard Boothby 1834 beer house, Market Place

George Botton 1793 saddler

George Boulton 1818 mercer, grocer, corn miller, Market St.

Miss Boulton 1851 Clay St.

Samuel Bowlder 1834 beer house, Wire Hall St.

Thomas Boyd 1851 wharfinger

Catherine Bradbury 1818 gentlewoman, Crown Bridge St.

Astley Bridgwater 1892 butcher, Crown Bridge St.

George Bridgewood 1851 beer house, butcher, Cannock Rd.

William Broadhurst 1851 relieving officer, assistant overseer, Market St.

Clement Bromley 1872 painter, plumber

William Bromley 1892 painter, sign writer, paper hanger and grainer, Mill St.

William Brookes 1892 builder, Reynard's Cottage

John Brown 1818 locksmith, Market St.

George Brown 1892 farmer, Wolgarston

James Burn 1834 Blacksmith's Arms

Mary Burns 1892 boot and shoe dealer

William Burns 1892 tailor, outfitter

Joseph Burrows 1841 beer retailer



Samuel Campion 1818 fellmonger, Stone Cross

Rupert Capewell 1834 saddler, Clay St.

Michael Causer 1818 grocer, flour dealer, Stone Cross

Joseph Chamley 1793 currier

Arnold Chapman 1834 shoemaker, High St.

Thomas Chapman 1834 shoemaker, Bull Bridge

Henry Cheadle 1793 smith

John Cheadle 1818 blacksmith, Market Place

Thomas Cheadle 1818 blacksmith, Market Place

William Cheadle 1834 blacksmith, Market Place

William Cheadle, jnr. 1851 blacksmith, parish clerk, agricultural implement maker

John Cheadle 1892 blacksmith

Elizabeth Cheadle 1834 beer house, Market St.

Joseph Cheadle 1851 shoemaker

Edward Chell 1884 farmer, Pillaton

Thomas Chidlow 1851 White Hart

Thomas Clark 1818 joiner, Market St.

Charles Cliff 1834 baker, Market St.

George Cliff 1834 wharfinger, coal dealer, Wire Hall St.

Phoebe Cliffe 1851 baker, High St.

George Cliffe 1884 baker

James Cluett 1851 hairdresser, High St.

Francis Collins 1834 academy, Market St.

John Collis 1851 solicitor, magistrates' Court, Wyre Hall

George Cook 1884 station master

Charles Cooper 1834 tailor, Market St.

John Cooper 1851 tailor, Cannock Rd.

George Cooper 1892 wheelwright, blacksmith

William Cope 1793 victualler, Horse and Jockey

William Cope 1818 plumber, glazier, house painter, Market Place

Edward Cope 1834 draper, hatter, High Street

William Cope 1851 grocer, draper, Clay St.

E. Cope 1851 agent to Crown Life Office

Thomas Cope 1834 plumber, painter, Smallbrook St.

Thomas Cope jnr 1851 plumber, builder, Crown Bridge

C. Cotterill 1879 parochial committee guardian

Mrs Cotterill. 1884 farmer

Mrs. Cotton 1793 farmer

John Cotton 1818 farmer, Market St.

Thomas Cotton 1818 shopkeeper, rag dealer, Clay St.

William Cotton 1818 victualler, Littleton Arms

William Cotton 1851 gentleman, Penkridge Villa

Charles Cox 1834 grocer, druggist, High St.

Cornelius Cox 1851 grocer, druggist, High St., 1872 Cuttlestone House

Thomas Cox 1872 cowkeeper

William Cox 1884 draper, grocer, Wyre Hall

Joseph Cox 1892 beer retailer

Joseph Cresswell 1892 carrier, farmer, grocer, Market St.

John Critchley 1841 esquire, The Villa

Richard Croydon 1818 esquire, Rock House

Mrs Margaret Croydon 1851 private resident, Rock House

Richard T. Croydon 1892 Rock House

John Croyden 1834 corn miller, Mill End, 1872 Compton House

Edward Croyden 1872 corn miller, Penkridge Mill

Miss Croyden 1872 private resident, The Villas

Thomas Croyden 1892 Market St.


David Dagley 1885 White Hart

Sarah Dale 1884 milliner

John Davis 1872 cow keeper, Woodbank

Thomas Davis 1892 farmer, Lyne Hill

Charles Day 1872 private resident

Mrs. Jane Day 1892 private resident

James Deakin 1851 grocer, High St.

Humphrey Devie 1818 tanner, farmer, Mill St.

Joseph Devie 1793 tanner

Mrs. Ellen Devie 1834 gentlewoman, Clay St.

Mrs. Jane Devie 1851 gentlewoman, Clay St.

Peter Devey 1872 cowkeeper, Woodbank

John Doughty 1841 Star

Edward Doughty 1872 boot maker

Richard Doughty 1872 carpenter, sexton

Miss Louie Doughty 1892 dressmaker

Joseph Dugmore 1834 The Boat

Jonathon Dugmore 1851 grocer, Clay St.

Thomas Dukes 1872 painter, plumber, sub-postmaster, superintendent fire brigade

Abraham Duncalf 1793 grocer, mercer

Abraham Duncalf 1793 hatter

William Dyke 1872 George and Fox

Joseph Dyke 1892 shopkeeper


Thomas Eaton 1793 gardener

Joseph Eccles 1818 grocer, chandler, Stone Cross

Mary Eccles 1818 widow, Clay St.

Joseph Edwards 1884 Boscomoor

Robert Edwards 1841 beer retailer

Robert Edwards 1872 currier, Brookhouse

Mary Ann Emery 1834 shopkeeper, Clay St.

Charles Evans 1892 beer retailer

William Evans 1884 beer retailer

Thomas Evans 1891 The Star


Walter Faulkner 1872 builder, bricklayer

Rev. James Fell 1872 vicar, rural dean, The Vicarage

Henry Fiddler 1892 Horse and Jockey

John Finey 1793 carpenter, joiner

John Fleetwood 1834 attorney, Wire Hall St.

William Ford 1892 grocer, ironmonger, seedsman

Mary Ford 1834 boarding school, Ivy House

George Frape 1872 corn, flour dealer, Market St.


Edward Gilbert 1851 builder, insurance agent

Edmund Gilbert 1872 architect, surveyor, Deanery House

Mrs. E. Gilbert 1891 Mill St.

Robert Gilbert 1851 builder, brick, tile, pipe maker, Clay St.

Alfred Gilbert 1892 builder, stone merchant

Mary Glover 1818 town baker, Market St.

H.B. Gray 1884 curate

Charles Green 1892 White Hart Inn

Edward Green 1892 grocer

Henry Greensill 1851 farmer

John Gretton 1872 glass and china dealer, fish monger

Hannah Gretton 1892 glass and china dealer

Frank Griffin 1892 commercial traveller

George Griffiths 1872 painter, plumber, glazier

William Griffiths 1884 The Boat

Joseph Groves 1793 baker

William Groves 1872 shopkeeper


Charles Hales 1818 butcher, Crown Bridge

William Hales 1851 butcher, Crown Bridge

John Hall 1818 seedsman, boot and shoemaker, Market St.

Rev. Edward Hall 1851 incumbent

Edward Hall 1851 grocer, draper, insurance agent

Mrs Rachael Hall 1851 Clay St.

Thomas Hammersley 1834 The Swan, Swan Lane

Richard Handy 1851

Nancy Hanslowe 1793 victualler (Anslow)

Philip Harrison 1793 cooper

Harry Harvey 1892 drapery and drug store

Thomas Haycocks 1892 tailor, newsagent

John Hazeldine 1818 grocer, chandler, Clay St

John Hazeldine 1851 gentleman, Rose Villa

Thomas Henshaw 1851 The Lord Nelson

Leonard Heywood 1841 The Swan

Eli Higgins 1851 The Boat

John Hill 1851 beerhouse, wheelwright, Railway Tavern

Mary Hill 1884 beer retailer, Railway Tavern

Henry Hill 1872 wheelwright, farmer, smith

William Hill 1872 draper, grocer

H. Hobson 1879 parochial committee, ratepayer

Thomas Hodgetts 1851 tailor, grocer, Mill St

John Hodson 1793 gentleman

John Hodson 1818 esquire, land agent, Husbandman St.

Joseph Holt 1892 carrier

Sarah Hordern 1793 draper, mercer, Clay St

Elizabeth Hordern 1841

Martha Horton 1893 The Star

Edward Huntley 1892 private resident, Town End


Edward Ingram 1892 farmer

Frederick Ingram 1892 stone merchant, Woodbank




Rev. Owen Jackson 1892 curate

Jane Jacks 1892 cowkeeper

Philip James 1818 governor of house of industry, acting overseer, Husbandman St.

John James 1892 Horsebrook Hall

Mary Jackson 1793 grocer

Ann Jackson 1851 shoemaker, Mill St.

H. Jeavons 1884 Cuttlestone House

Sarah Jeavons 1885 Cuttlestone House

Henry Jenk 1884 inland revenue officer

George Jones 1818 butcher, Crown Bridge St.

Rees Jones 1841 butcher, draper, sub-distributer of stamps

Richard Jones 1872 baker, grocer

William Jones 1872 farmer

Edward Jones 1892 farmer



Miss Keeling 1872 Congreve cottage

Miss Keeling 1892 The Square

Miss Keeling 1892 Sunnyside

Walter Keeling 1891 Sunnyside

George Keeling 1872 Deanery Farm

Charles Keeling 1872 Yew Tree Farm, 1892 The Cedars

Mrs. R. Keeling 1884 Pinfold Lane

Richard Keller 1793 ropemaker

William Kirk 1793 peruke maker

William Kittridge 1818 victualler, maltster, George and Fox, Stone Cross

Betty Kittridge 1834 shopkeeper, Market St.


Benjamin Lawrence 1872 chemist

Elizabeth Lawrence 1891 chemist

Miss Lawrence 1891 music teacher

Charles Lea 1851 manager, Mill End

Thomas Lea 1851 Bridge Cottage

Mary Lees 1818 victualler, The Boat, Husbandman St.

Ann Lees 1834 shop keeper, Wire Hall St.

Margaret Lees 1841 straw hat maker

Augustus Lewis 1793 surgeon

John Lewis 1793 carpenter, joiner, builder, timber merchant, Bellbrook

John M. Lister 1851 surgeon, Clay St. (1872 Ivy House, 1884 St. Michael's Lodge)

Mrs. Lister 1892 St. Michael's Lodge

Rev. Cecil Littleton 1892 Vicarage

Rev. Henry Lovatt 1872 boarding school, Mill St

John Lymer 1818 joiner, Husbandman St.

Alfred Lyons 1892 monumental mason

Elizabeth Lyons 1892 shopkeeper


John MacKnight 1872 insurance agent

Joseph Maiden 1793 glover

Joseph Maden 1818 breeches maker, Pinfold Lane

Samuel Mapp 1818 joiner, Mill St.

Isaac Marshall 1884 The Deanery

Edward Masefield 1834 Horse and Jockey

Mrs. Masfen 1892 The Grange

Francis Mason 1834 draper, druggist, Market St. (1851 Deanery Hall)

Robert May 1793 taylor, Clay St.

Ann Molineux 1793 White Hart Inn

John Morrall 1872 tailor

William Morris 1872 The Boat, shopkeeper


George Nagington 1892 farmer, miller, Penkridge Mill

William North 1818 joiner, builder, Market Place

Edward North 1851 joiner, beer house, Market Place

William Nickson 1834 beer house, Clay St.

William Nickson 1834 shoemaker

James Nixon 1834 overseer, governor of workhouse, Wire Hall St.

Jonathon Noday 1841 hairdresser


John Oakley 1834 tinman, Market Place

Edward Oakley 1851 gentleman, Clay St.

Charles Oakley 1892 carter

George Onslow 1793 butcher

William Onslow 1793 tinman, brazier

Edward Oxenboulds 1834 National School, Market Place


John Page 1892 Cuttlestone House

William Parker 1818 hairdresser, Clay St.

James Partridge 1834 supervisor, Clay St.

Rev. J. Payton 1893 curate

William Pearson, 1872, saddler, assistant overseer, Crown Bridge Street  *

Annie Pearson 1892 haberdasher, milliner

Samuel Pearson 1892 bricklayer, carrier

Joseph Peel 1818 corn miller and dealer, Husbandman St.

William Perrin 1793 surgeon

Mary Perrin 1818 Post Office, seminary for young ladies

Ann Perrin 1851 schoolmistress, Crown Bridge St.

James Phillips 1872 saddler, harness maker, Clay St.

Samuel Pickering 1884 farmer, Park Gate

Thomas Pike 1851 farmer, high constable Cuttlestone Hundred, Park Gate Farm

Henry Pike 1892 butcher

Henry Plant 1872 Wire Hall

Henry Platts 1818 solicitor, Stone Cross

George Poole 1872 Blacksmith's Arms

Hannah Poole 1884 Blacksmith's Arms

Elizabeth Potts 1818 gentlewoman, Mill St

Henry Powell 1818 cooper, turner, Market Place

Samuel Powell 1872 cooper

John Powell 1834 shoemaker

Francis Powell 1851 shoemaker, Mill St.

William Powell 1851 locksmith, Clay St.

William Preston 1793 turner

George Price 1851 grocer, Cannock Road


Joseph Ransford 1885 beer seller

Arthur Raybould 1893 Crown Inn

Mrs. Reynolds 1834 High St.

William Richards 1884 grocer, farmer, George and Fox

Rev. R. Ridge 1884 curate

Thomas Riley 1834 joiner, Market Place

Rev. Albert Roberts 1851 curate, Clay St.

Thomas Robins 1818 farmer, Market St.

Henry Robson 1851 Littleton Arms

Thomas Robson 1879 assistant overseer, manager gasworks

Mrs T. Robson 1891 Littleton Arms

Charles Rodwell 1872 chimney

Francis Rodwell 1892 chimney sweep

George Rogers 1818 cooper, turner, Market St.

Henry Rogers 1872 farmer, Wolgarston

George Rogers 1884 farmer, Wolgarston

William Rogers 1872 cooper

Samuel Rogers 1892 Clay St.

John Rostance 1834 shoemaker

William Rostance 1851 shoemaker, town crier

John Rostance 1884 carpenter, Market St.

Maria Rostance 1892 newsagent

Thomas Rostance 1892 boot and shoe maker, town crier

James Rushton 1851 butcher, farmer, High St.

Charles Russell 1884 beer seller

John Rutter 1872 farmer, Lyne Hill


John Salt 1834 maltster, High St.

Thomas Sanders 1818 surgeon, Market St.

William Scarlet 1818 surgeon, Clay St.

James Scholey 1793 victualler, Fox

Mrs. Serjeant 1892 Upland Villa

John Seaville 1851 maltster, Market Place

Ann Seaville 1872 beer retailer

Jesse Sebridge 1818 bricklayer, Market Place

Lady Shakerley 1892 Haling Grove 

Eli Shaw 1841 registrar, relieving officer, National School

John Shutt 1872 Penkridge Villa

Ann Shutt 1884 Upland Villa

Matthew Shutt 1872 machinist, wheelwright

Rev. Richard Slaney 1793 perpetual curate

Edward Slater 1851 tailor, High St.

Robert Sloman 1851 organist, Crown Bridge St.

Thomas Smith 1834 cider dealer, Wire Hall St.

Joseph Smith 1851 coal dealer, George and Fox

Joseph Smith 1892 butcher, farmer

John Southern 1793 bricklayer

William Southern 1818 builder, maltster, Market St.

Jonathon Southern 1834 beer house, bricklayer, Mill End

James Stafford 1793 vicar

John Starkey 1818 boarding school, insurance agent, sec. of savings bank

Frederick Steele 1892 tailor

Thomas Stringer 1872 wharfinger, shopkeeper

Miss Stubbs 1872 The Villas


Jeremiah Taylor 1818 baker, grocer, High St.

Jonathon Taylor 1851 maltster, Crown Bridge St.

Samuel Thursfield 1818 sawyer, Market Place

William Thurstance 1818 tailor, Market St.

James Tildesley 1892 J.P. The Firs

Thomas Timbs 1818 saddler, Clay St.

John Toft 1818 butcher, High St.

Thomas Toft 1818 joiner, builder, Crown Bridge

Joseph Tomlinson 1793 baker

James Turner 1793 farmer, gentleman, Husbandman St.

Edward Turner 1872 baker

Isaac Turner 1872 cowkeeper

William Turner 1892 Boat Inn

V, W

Thomas Vickers 1851 gentleman, Ivy House

Mrs Wade 1872 Bridge Cottage

Thomas Walford 1892 tobacconist, Crown Bridge

George Walker 1793 maltster

John Wall 1892 market gardener, The Marsh

John Wallace 1892 scrap iron dealer

Thomas Warburton 1818 tailor

James Warburton 1851 tailor, Clay St.

William Watkins 1834 nail, spade, and edge tool maker, Smallbrook St.

Ann Webb 1818 dress maker, Clay St.

Thomas Webb 1793 tanner

Thomas Webb 1818 gentleman, Clay St.

William Webb 1818 butcher, Stone Cross

William Webb 1851 beer house, High St.

William Webb 1851 butcher

Michael Webb 1851 Crown, High St.

Humphrey Webb 1834 carrier

Charles Webb 1872 chimney sweep

Richard Wedge 1851 surveyor, land agent, Clay St.

Richard Wedge jnr. 1851 railway inspector, Clay St.

Richard Wedge 1892 collector of poor rates, sanitary inspector, The Villas

Joseph Wells 1851 station master

Thomas Westwood 1851 shoemaker, Mill St.

William Whilton 1818 butcher, Market Place

Mary Whilton 1851 butcher, Market Place

Fanny, Isabella Whilton 1872 butchers

Mrs. White 1793 huckster

William Wild 1818 blacksmith, Clay St.

John Wilkinson 1892 physician, surgeon, Mill St.

Richard Williams 1818 saddler, Stone Cross

Joseph Willington 1834 wine and spirit merchant, Market St.

William Wise 1793 smith

George Wise 1834 blacksmith, Clay St.

Owen Withams 1793 taylor

Mrs. Ann Wood 1851 Haling Grove

Miss Maria Wood 1884 Haling Grove

Thomas Wood 1851 Robin Hood Inn, Market St.

Thomas Wood 1851 joiner, High St.

Charles Wootton 1851 farm bailiff, Cannock Road

Elizabeth Worsey 1818 victualler, Horse and Jockey

William Worsey 1834 George and Fox

John Worsey 1793 victualler

John Wright 1851 Deanery

Nancy Wright 1793 Littleton Arms

James Wyatt 1818 shopkeeper, shoedealer, Clay St.


John Yerl 1834 coal dealer, Mill St.

Mrs. Youard 1892 Crown Bridge

Thomas Youard 1892 Railway Inn