Clay Street, Wolverhampton Road, 1901

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Fortunate Weatherer 61 wheelwright

Sarah 63

Gertrude Hamilton 29 daughter, widow, monthly nurse

Mabel Weatherer 27

Nellie Hamilton 5 granddaughter

Edward 4 grandson

Thomas Breeze 46 visitor, carpenter

Thomas Barlass 23 lodger, builder’s assistant

Elizabeth Cope 66 widow

James 29 son, stone quarryman

Joseph Plant 36 cycle agent

Mary 36

Joseph 12

Kathleen 2

Jessie Jones 19 visitor, cook


Thomas Robson33 licensed victualler

Lydia 26

George 2

Kathleen 1

Robert 7m

Louisa Jones 17 housemaid

Winnie Weatherer 20 cook

Charlotte Kenderdine 16 nurse

Arthur Parsons 16 boots

Frank Kenderdine 18 stable boy

Thomas Brooking 24 staying at LA, civil engineer

James Heath 46 staying at LA, estate agent

George Smithson 35 staying at LA, iron merchant

Elizabeth Smithson 28

Annie Kilburn 39 boarder, elementary schoolmistress

Herbert Whitehead* 25 civil engineer

Mary 25

Annie Andrews 59 widow, housemaid

Margaret Morris 5 general servant

*Herbert Whitehead, 1875-1935, engineer to Cannock Rural District Council, chief officer Penkridge

Fire Brigade.

John Gretton 62 fishmonger

Helen 32 wife

William 1 son

Ada Husselbee 7 grand daughter

Charles Caine 31 coachman, groom (not domestic)

Harriet 26

Charles 4

Victor* 3

Thomas 1

*Sergeant Victor Caine, 1st Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment. Shot and killed on October 26th,

1917, before he could be presented with the Military Medal for exceptional bravery on the 9th


Frank Springer 40 builder

Harriet 42

Harold 11

Harriet Faulkener 42

Alice 18

Charles Maltby 54 widower, boarder, blacksmith

William Williams 38 widower, boarder, ship yard labourer

Sarah Parsons 57 widow, domestic worker

Florence 14

Leonard 12

William Gardner 50 navvy ganger

Esther 37

Daniel 18

John 15 points turner

Fanny 10

Libby 6

William 4

Frank 1

Elizabeth Lockley 67 widow

Francis 41 son, cattleman on farm

William Ellis 21 coal miner, hewer

Alice 21

Lilian 1

Mary Hodgkiss 78 widow

William Stafford 40 lodger, labourer, rag gatherer

Herbert Stingley 50 lodger, railway labourer

William Thurstance 42 bricklayer’s lab.

Sarah 38

Beatrice 14

Sidney 12

Bertha 9

Henry 3

Sarah Bott 63

Elizabeth 23

Walter Steele 36 widower, hair dresser, chiropodist, public entertainer*

Ernest 14

Daisy 11

Emily 8

*for example, launched small hot air balloons, powered by wadding soaked in meths.

Arabella Frape* 72 widow, retired publican

Albert 42 son, farmer

Sarah 47 d-in-law

Alfred Benton 12 grandson

*former landlady of Cross Keys


Margaret Young 43 matron

Boarders at St. Margaret’s Home, including place of birth

Alice Hall 15 London

Susan Pitman 14 Weymouth

Sarah Pickering 14 not known

Mary Jenks 14 not known

Aga Goodwin 13 Burton on Trent

Louisa Stubbins 12 not known

Bertha Pearson 12 not known

Beatrice Branson 12 not known

Agnes Balsam 12 Stoke, Suffolk

Elizabeth Baldock 12 Burton on Trent

Louisa Randall 11 London

Alice Smith 11 London

Mary Spooner 11 Manchester

Phillis Baldock 10 Burton on Trent

Beatrice James 9 not known

Ellen Oakley 9 Penkridge

Mabel Bevan 9 Wolverhampton

Lucy Smith 9 Wolverhampton

Annie Evans 8 not known

*St. Margaret’s Home For Girls, Penkridge (1893-1923)

From “Hidden Lives Revealed, Children in Care 1881-1918 (

We understand that it was transferred to the Society in 1893 (founded 1885) and could house twenty girls aged between seven and fourteen years old. It became one in five homes in the Lichfield diocese, the others being Shrewbury, Handsworth, Pelsall and Standon.

Summer holidays were an important event in every Society home. The girls at St. Margaret’s were always excited about their summer holidays, especially in 1918 when a friend described only as “Lady H” invited them to Old Colwyn, by the sea. They were so excited that they could not walk with their bags to the station, they just had to run! Here one girl describes their adventure: “We walked about on the beach and saw things that we had heard of but never seen till then, such as jelly-fish, and tiny little fish that would come in with the tide”.

Other events that were a very important part of the Home’s life included St Margaret’s ‘Pound Party’. This was similar to a ‘Pound Day’ where people gave either a pound in weight of goods or a pound in money. Christmas was also special; carols were sung and the Home received a beautiful Christmas tree from Miss Mary Peake. The Home ‘evidently possesses a very warm place in the hearts of those living in the neighbourhood’ because of all the generous gifts the girls received every year. They moved to a more suitable building, still in Penkridge, in 1923 and became the Blanche Wimbridge Home for Girls.

“The Home at Penkridge, as compared with many others was small. It however, had the advantage of giving individual care and attention to the children whom it sheltered and there was an individuality in the care of each child which could not be bestowed in the larger houses where they were brought up practically unloving and unloved”. Miss Young,1908.

Sarah Emery 39

John Davies 69 agricultural labourer

Lucy 56

Thomas 28 platelayer

Hannah 24

Harry Fox 7 grandson

William Humphries 23 engineer

Edward Parker 39 wheelwright

Elizabeth 43

Elizabeth 10

Louisa 4


Charles Edwards 46 wheelwright and publican

Mary 46

Harriet Bailey 17 general servant

John Tomlinson 38 farmer

Ida 29

John 10

George 8

Harry 6

Ida 4

Herbert 2

Frank 5m

Emily Till 15 general servant


William Fouke 30 chemist

Sarah 28

Amy 6m

Annie Bond 19 servant

Florence Whistance 18 nurse

Arthur Lovatt 33 groom and gardener

Clara 43

Frederick Rutter 40 stone mason

Annie 39

Harriet 10

Alfred 8

Frederick 6

Emma 3

Edward 1

Joseph Elsmore 60 roadman, labourer

Annie 49

Edward 25 navvy

Thomas 15 coal carter

William 9


Ellen Masfen 76

Ellen 28 niece

Charlotte Phillips 41 companion

Clara Jagg 27 cook

Mabel Winfield 16 cook